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Hats vs coats in business

You’ve heard the saying that you’re wearing a whole bunch of hats in your business. Well, I’ve been recording the last few modules of the Profit Foundations course lately, which cover efficient and effective marketing, sales systems, and productive teams, and I’ve realised for those modules that it’s not so much hats as coats. If…

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Fight Overwhelm with the ‘Ben Minimum’

In this post I want to show you a quick trick for helping with overwhelm. I just got off a client call and she’s had a bit of trouble as she’s got a lot of work on. She’s had one of the best sales months ever, and now the next problem is that there’s so…

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Oiling the Marketing – Delivery Seesaw

The marketing and delivery seesaw, for those of you who don’t know, is a concept that’s been around the internet for a little while. To be honest, I’m not even sure where it’s from; somebody let me know in the comments? I taught my client about that on a one-on-one call just now, and then…

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From in the red to $100k profit for the year

Meet Jeremy and Sadie Jeremy and Sadie run an online store, selling their own brand of women’s clothing. Where they were When we first met, they’d been in business for a few years and had a goal of selling their business, investing the money, and living off the earnings (though this goal wasn’t initially clear……

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How to make your numbers less of a scary mess

A large portion of my clients come to me because they’ve been hiding from the numbers in one form or another. They know they’re important but they’ve been avoiding them. Maybe they’re a bit busy, maybe the numbers make them uncomfortable, maybe they had a horrible maths teacher in school, any of those reasons. But…

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