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The 80/20 of business profits

The main thing that drives your profits is a simple number that most business owners don’t pay enough attention to. This post talks about that number, how to easily work it out for your business, what it should be, and how to improve it.

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Your prices need to cover more than you think!

When you first start out in business, pricing can be a fluid concept. Most new business owners charge whatever price won’t risk the sale. But your prices might not cover everything, so no matter how much you sell you’ll still be low on cash and could even go bankrupt.

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What is actually causing your growth?

Many online businesses I talk to are growing, but sometimes they’re wasting money, time or energy because they misunderstand what is actually causing their growth (or keeping their business stable, or causing a decline). Just in case this is you (or could be you one day), read on…

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Don’t know what you don’t know about business numbers?

If you don’t know what you don’t know about business numbers, here’s the basics…

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Let’s talk about your plan

Let’s talk about the plan for your business. You had goals when you started your business. And you probably set a few since then, or earlier this year. Whether it’s a money type or time type of goal, there’s a different future you’re working towards. Maybe you actually made an actionable plan to achieve those…

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