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Look out for the “tax is bad” belief

“Profit means tax, and tax is bad.” Early in your entrepreneurial career, that “lesson” can take root in your brain. But like a lot of the things we learn early in any journey, this “lesson” needs to be updated or it can block further progress (or make us miserable). There’s a lot of “tax is…

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“You the Worker” vs “You the Owner”

You do a job (or many jobs!) in your business that could one day be done by someone else. Even if you’ve delegated everything except for CEO. This is “you the worker”. Then there is “you the owner”, who owns this business asset as one of potentially many in your investment portfolio. You want a…

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Generating ideas (and results!) from content marketing

Here’s what we covered in this live training for the VidWheel community earlier today: Beginning with the end in mind The journey Methods to quickly generate content ideas Getting results and CTA ideas without feeling slimy or salesy I’d like to thank my jumper (sweater) for it’s assistance during a key part of the training.…

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The 80/20 of business profits

The main thing that drives your profits is a simple number that most business owners don’t pay enough attention to. This post talks about that number, how to easily work it out for your business, what it should be, and how to improve it.

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Your prices need to cover more than you think!

When you first start out in business, pricing can be a fluid concept. Most new business owners charge whatever price won’t risk the sale. But your prices might not cover everything, so no matter how much you sell you’ll still be low on cash and could even go bankrupt.

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