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Chasing Late Payments

If you don’t get full payment in advance, your customers will owe you money and at least one of them will delay payment. So what do you do? Read on…

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Are Growth Expenses the Real Reason Why Your Profit is Low?

I talk with my clients a lot about improving their profits, and one common response is that profits are only low because they’re investing in growth, but that is usually only an assumption. In this post, I explain why that assumption is bad, and a simple method to provide proof.

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Still More Profitable After Customers Flee Your Price Rise

Most business owners put off raising their prices because they are worried that some of their customers will leave. In this post, I show how your business can still be more profitable in that scenario, and discuss the other beneficial side effects.

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What’s Your Hourly Rate?

I usually quote fixed fees, so I don’t get this question often. However, in this post I turn the question around to illustrate an important point.

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The Many Reasons Why Profit is Important

In my last post, I wrote that profit is less important than cash flow. However, profit is still important, and for a number of reasons beyond the obvious. This post is an overview of some of those reasons.

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