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When we first met, they’d been in business for a few years and had a goal of selling their business, investing the money, and living off the earnings (though this goal wasn’t initially clear… more on that later).

They’d been working really hard to grow their business, but were running at a loss. Their goal seemed really far away, and they were burning out.

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Income rollercoaster to biggest sales month ever

"Ben has the willingness to get his hands dirty. He has the empathy required to make sure you are being understood and so he can provide the proper support, and kind push back.

"He'll work with you in creating the solution that fits you, ensuring you are on-board with the plan and so you execute. He'll keep you accountable and he's got your back with your numbers, overwhelming moments, and through making tough decisions."

Mel Richards - Modern Traction

Matt Holmes - Clear Health Media

Joe Howard - WP Buffs

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