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“From in the red to $100k profit last year."

Jeremy & Sadie Roberts

"What if we don't change at all ... and something magical just happens?"

Hi, I'm Ben. I uncover hidden profit opportunities for small-to-medium business owners.

I use your numbers, whatever state they're in, to zero in on areas in your business that can be improved, prioritise for the best return on your efforts, then I go deep on tactics to turn it around.

This data-driven approach helps to limit biases and mindset blocks that obscure the real issues.

I've been advising entrepreneurs in Australia, the US, Canada, the UK, Europe and Asia for over a decade on how to grow their business faster.

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"Ben really helped me identify the areas of my business that I needed to focus on in a way that was methodical, efficient, and fast. I quickly understood where I should be focusing and how to fix the revenue problems I was having. I would absolutely recommend Ben for my friends and peers!"

Jason Long
JH Media Group

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Had trouble growing, or want to grow even faster? What you spend the profits on is up to you, e.g. you, your team, growth, debt, house, etc. To see if this is possible for your business:

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Roadmap to Success

An eye-opening review and training session, where we put together a straightforward plan to hit your goals. Need help heading in the right direction (and staying there)?

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Solid Finances

Virtual CFO and related services to better run your finances and finance department. If you want things to run more smoothly:

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Case study: “From in the red to $100k profit last year." Here are the 3 key strategies they used.

Jeremy & Sadie Roberts

“As a creative, I’ve never been enthralled by accounting but as a business owner, I knew I needed to understand my numbers better. One thing I really appreciated was Ben's non-judgemental and friendly attitude. He helped me see where I was going wrong and together we built a solid roadmap for growth."
Larissa Pickens
Founder & Creative Director
Float Design

“Being a co-founder with no formal business training has been challenging. Ben looked at the whole picture and was able to figure out how my business worked to give me genuine advice that would benefit it long term. I feel very lucky to have Ben as a resource. He is very knowledgeable and really easy to talk to, which makes our strategy sessions super enjoyable.”
Madeleine Taylor
Content Refined

"I did a Roadmap session with Ben and got a lot out of it. It was a mixture of him noticing simple, stupid things I should have noticed months ago, and also a fair amount of higher level strategy discussion that made me notice areas of the business that are doing well and should have me paying more attention to."

Dominic Wells
Human Proof Designs