Tommy Joiner

“In one call with Ben (within five minutes of speaking) he quite literally saved my business and changed my life.”

“I think one of the most challenging things for business owners (especially in the service space) like me is to figure out how to price themselves appropriately. I have been searching for the answer to understanding what ‘healthy margins’ should look like for years. I always figured that I could get away with making [confidential]% gross margin on all of my sales and be able to run my business effectively. After speaking with Ben, I learned what my gross margin should be. This was a bit of an “aha moment” for me. No wonder my life felt so stressful!

After speaking with Ben, I realised that I needed to lower my COGS and raise prices on new business (and even some current customers) in order to start really thriving as a business owner. I have already taken action on the first part and will be raising prices this week across the board! It feels kind of scary but Ben helped me realise that these are vital steps in the right direction for my company.

Thank you so much Ben!”

Ben McAdam

Hi, I'm Ben McAdam. I'm a Profits Coach and entrepreneur. I help business owners grow their profits and gain clarity around their numbers, without judgement or confusing jargon. If you want some help with that: let's have a chat.
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