Taryn Stratten

“Before asking for Ben’s help, I was extremely stressed trying to grow my business. Being the first business I have owned, I was lacking the knowledge needed to confidently work in the business and for it. I was spending a lot of time being busy and not steadily growing.

Ben was able to direct me onto the right path to start sustainably growing my business and clientele. Not only helping me understand cash flow projections, but Ben also helped me get my head around marketing and advertising.

Ben has got me to start thinking like a business owner and manage my time more wisely. He has given me the confidence to continue on this path and generate maintainable profits. I am very grateful for the time he spent with me on the phone and answering my emails so quickly.”

Ben McAdam

Hi, I'm Ben McAdam. I'm a Profits Coach and entrepreneur. I help business owners grow their profits and gain clarity around their numbers, without judgement or confusing jargon. If you want some help with that: let's have a chat.
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