Hats vs coats in business

You’ve heard the saying that you’re wearing a whole bunch of hats in your business.

Well, I’ve been recording the last few modules of the Profit Foundations course lately, which cover efficient and effective marketing, sales systems, and productive teams, and I’ve realised for those modules that it’s not so much hats as coats.

If you think about marketing: you’re wearing a lab coat. You’re a scientist, running experiments to see what works and what blows up.

For your sales system: you’re wearing overalls. You’re an engineer, tinkering with your system, tweaking it to work better.

When it comes to productive teams: you’re wearing your team jersey with the word “coach” on the back in big letters.

Have a think about what your business needs from you right now.

Does it need you to don the lab coat and work on your marketing? Does it need you to put on your overalls and tinker with your sales system? Or does it need you to put on your coach jersey to get better results from your team and help them succeed?

As for me, right now I’m sitting in the car outside my step-daughter’s school, about to go in for an Education Week “open classroom”. I get to see her classroom and spend some time with her.

One of the good things about business is that, every now and then, you can take off the coats in the middle of the day to go do something with your kids.

Let me know what coat your business needs you to put on most right now, and if this makes sense.

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Ben McAdam

Hi, I'm Ben McAdam. I'm a Profits Coach and entrepreneur. I help business owners grow their profits and gain clarity around their numbers, without judgement or confusing jargon. If you want some help with that: let's have a chat.
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