Generating ideas (and results!) from content marketing

Here’s what we covered in this live training for the VidWheel community earlier today:

  • Beginning with the end in mind
  • The journey
  • Methods to quickly generate content ideas
  • Getting results and CTA ideas without feeling slimy or salesy

I’d like to thank my jumper (sweater) for it’s assistance during a key part of the training.

The training was live-streamed to YouTube, so you can watch the video below:

Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks to Neil Carroll and the VidWheel community for having me. I really enjoyed it, especially the Q&A after. If you’re thinking “I want to improve my video content“, they’re a great group of people to get in touch with (no, I’m not getting paid for this, it’s an honest recommendation from seeing inside the community).

Got questions? Reach out.


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