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Thanks for listening to my interview on the Build Live Give podcast with Paul Higgins!

On this page, you can find the videos and posts that I mentioned on the podcast, as well as other resources relevant to our discussion.

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P.S. Also check out the episode of my podcast where I interviewed Paul.

Margins: the 80/20 of profitability

Working hard but not earning enough? Usually the problem is your margins, i.e. the difference between what you charge your customers and how much it costs you to deliver the service/product (excluding other business-running expenses like marketing).

This video explains in simple terms what margins are, how to calculate your margins, and how to improve them.

Do you have enough cash to [insert plan here, e.g. hiring, project]?

A cash flow projection is a way to predict your future cash. They are really useful to check before you hire a new team member, or invest in a new project for your business.

This article discusses why cash flow is important and has a link to resources for creating your own cash flow projection.

This video on my podcast website explains the basics of cash flow and cash flow projections.

Don’t understand your bookkeeping/finance reports?

These reports are like the dashboard in your car; they tell you important things about the health of your business over time. It’s worth taking the time to analyse them.

I have prepared a few basic concepts videos on my podcast site that explain in simple terms how to spot hidden opportunities and red flags in your business.

If you want my help to analyse your reports, I offer a service called Hidden Profits Analysis. It includes a screen recording of my analysis (which you can also use to follow my process each month yourself) plus a consult call to go over your questions from the recording and about your numbers. If I can’t find any hidden profits for you, or you’re not happy with the service, I’ll refund your money. Learn more here and as thanks for listening to the episode you can use the referral code BLG for 50% off.

Debt-collecting tips and strategies

In this article I cover tips on collecting late payments, including how to prevent them from being late.

Other resources

There are many training videos and articles on this site.

Also check out my podcast, where I discuss the numbers with other entrepreneurs along with their journey, so you get actionable advice from your peers instead of dry theory.

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