Grow your business, increase your Profits,

get clear on your numbers

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You're probably here because someone has told you about the program we've created.

It's designed to help you grow your business, increase your profits and get clear on your numbers,

with as little time as possible required from you, and with as much support as you need.

Here's how it works...

First: immediate ROI

There are two quick exercises (15-30 minutes each) to generate profits to pay for a year of the program in the first week, and to free up time to do the program.

The aim is that you'll "start" the program having already paid for it, and with a few hours each week to do the work, so starting this program doesn't put you "behind" in either money or time.

Ideally you get an ROI on the whole program in the first week, just from these exercises, like Adam (in 3 days) and Kevin (4x the program fee in week one).

"Ben really helped me identify the areas of my business that I needed to focus on in a way that was methodical, efficient, and fast. I quickly understood where I should be focusing and how to fix the revenue problems I was having. I would absolutely recommend Ben for my friends and peers!"

Jason Long
JH Media Group


How to generate the big results

Over years of working with hundreds of business owners, there are a handful of projects that get great results and clarity, and they come from 6 core areas.

1) Goal numbers: bad plans waste money and time, good plans help focus on the right numbers. Sadie and Jeremy worked on this area and went from losses and overwork to motivation and $100k profit for that year.

2) Personal numbers: personal finances and productivity can hold the business back, or catapult it forward. Sean did this and doubled revenue $500k to $1m/year.

3) Offer numbers: pricing and margins are the 80/20 of profitability for many businesses. Tommy went from overwork and minimum wage to a very profitable growth path on the way to a life-changing exit within 24 months.

4) Marketing/sales numbers: fixing the right step of the funnel. Joe stopped wasting over $100k/year trying to fix the wrong things in his funnel.

5) Monthly numbers: looking at the financials each month, the useful way. Josh generated an extra $160k/year in profit with a project in this area.

6) Future numbers: predicting the future allows more aggressive growth plans, while reducing the risk of going broke. Jeff did this and confidently hired rock stars who are helping him with 3x growth this year.


I've included some client results in italics above, and the exact projects we did to generate each of those results (and others like it) are in this program.

The projects have been streamlined so they take as little time as possible, can be done in small chunks of time if needed, and have plenty of templates to shortcut the process.

We'll have an initial call in the first week to work out which projects will get you the biggest improvements and which aren't important for now.

Marco Grishaber
Nate H
Nate H
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Nabeel Keblawi
Nabeel Keblawi

This isn't a DIY course

You'll have support from experienced experts:

  • a monthly review of your numbers (not just the financials)
  • book 1:1 office hours calls to get answers, feedback or help on the projects, accountability to keep you moving forward, support, etc
  • send in questions or ask for feedback without a call, if you prefer


I say "you" through all this, but it could be anyone on your team doing the work and using the support.

Alicia you crack me up on these reviews
Irina detailed review very helpful
2021 04 20 Daryl Mander FB post

“The first call with Ben alone has been game-changing...”
Eric Campbell


The program is for 12 months, but we'll part as friends if either of us decide it's not a fit at the 30 day mark, no more to pay.

We only have capacity to take on a few clients at once, because of the effort we put in to get you heading in the right direction fast, so book a 15-minute call to discuss whether it's a good fit for you and your business.

I'd love to chat about your business and your numbers!


Ben McAdam

P.S. if you don't know who I am, I've helped over a thousand business owners with growth, profits and numbers for over a decade. You can see more client results here.

In one call with Ben (within five minutes of speaking) he quite literally saved my business and changed my life.

I think one of the most challenging things for business owners (especially in the service space) like me is to figure out how to price themselves appropriately. I have been searching for the answer to understanding what "healthy margins" should look like for years. I always figured that I could get away with making [confidential] gross margin on all of my sales and be able to run my business effectively. After speaking with Ben, I learned that my gross margin should be more around [confidential]. This was a bit of an "aha moment" for me. No wonder my life feels so stressful!

After speaking with Ben, I realized that I needed to [confidential] in order to start really thriving as a business owner. I have already taken action on the first part and will be [confidential] this week across the board! It feels kind of scary but Ben helped me realize that these are vital steps in the right direction for my company.

Thank you so much Ben!”
Tommy Joiner
Content Pros

“Before working with Ben, I was extremely stressed and was spending a lot of time being "busy". Ben was able to direct me onto the right path to start sustainably growing my profits and clientele.”
Taryn Stratten
Crossfit Burleigh

“Before I spoke to Ben, I felt uncertain about my budgeting, and marketing spend. On the call, Ben gave me great advice including metrics to base my budgeting off of. Now I'm feeling more confident about what next steps to take with my business.”
Ali Rahmoun
Sports Templates

Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 10.35.18 pm

"I did a session with Ben and got a lot out of it. It was a mixture of him noticing simple, stupid things I should have noticed months ago, and also a fair amount of higher level strategy discussion that made me notice areas of the business that are doing well and should have me paying more attention to.

For example, we had a service that was super profitable and regularly sold out, but we were focused on our other services until Ben pointed out that this is something we should double-down on.

He also pointed out that our bookkeeper was billing more hours than it was physically possible to work!"

Dominic Wells
Human Proof Designs

“I’ve always understood how to read a P&L and Balance sheet, but found difficulty to organize these reports to harness the numbers for tangible, actionable information. I got in touch with Ben to attain some clarification as to how to better utilize our reports in measuring business trends and decisions and to better understand how a broker/potential buyer might review them.

"Ben clearly explained the concepts we discussed and answered any questions I had along the way. I now have a much better understanding of how to organize our business numbers for more clarity and toward making more informed business decisions. I have more insights into those things which a potential buyer might ask while conducting due diligence."

Chris Anonymous
From San Diego, CA