DCBKK 2023 Numbers Workshop Resources

Thanks for attending! Below are the resources I promised...

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Free access to the "Quick ROI" part of my program

Includes two quick exercises to find profit and time, a pitch-free consult with me to find more, and we'll check your bookkeeping too.

(These free accounts will disable on 1 Nov 2023 to encourage you to take action! It takes a surprising amount of effort to get some people to do a quick free no-pitch thing that will massively benefit them.)

Rehearsal recording

And the slides and the spreadsheet.

Training: Working with a Bookkeeper

Just a quick one, because it should be simple. You can just read the slides from video, or watch for a little extra nuance.

Reach out if you have questions, happy to help (and I don't offer bookkeeping, so no pitch).

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