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I help business owners unlock growth, profits and clarity around their finances.

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“From in the red to $100k profit last year."

Jeremy & Sadie Roberts

"What if we don't change at all ... and something magical just happens?"

Hi, I'm Ben.

I help businesses grow and generate more profits, and business owners to understand their numbers.

Whether you have a successful business, or you're sometimes worried about making payroll, or somewhere in between, I'd love to help you hit your goals.

Achieving your goals is easier than you think when you're clear on what you want, know how to get there and have support along the way.

I've helped over 1,000 business owners do this for over a decade, have grown and sold two of my own businesses, and like you I'm working on my own goals too.

In one call with Ben (within five minutes of speaking) he quite literally saved my business and changed my life.

I think one of the most challenging things for business owners (especially in the service space) like me is to figure out how to price themselves appropriately. I have been searching for the answer to understanding what "healthy margins" should look like for years. I always figured that I could get away with making [confidential] gross margin on all of my sales and be able to run my business effectively. After speaking with Ben, I learned that my gross margin should be more around [confidential]. This was a bit of an "aha moment" for me. No wonder my life feels so stressful!

After speaking with Ben, I realized that I needed to [confidential] in order to start really thriving as a business owner. I have already taken action on the first part and will be [confidential] this week across the board! It feels kind of scary but Ben helped me realize that these are vital steps in the right direction for my company.

Thank you so much Ben!”
Tommy Joiner
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How to grow your profits and get your numbers straight...

The Program

The few key projects that get all the amazing testimonial headlines for my clients over the years, now streamlined and with the support you need:

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1:1 coaching and consulting

If you need extra support or want to work exclusively 1:1 with Ben to improve your business, your profits, your numbers or your finance department:

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We'll use your numbers, whatever state they're in, to quickly find hidden opportunities and red flags in your business.

Those opportunities and red flags might be in your marketing, sales, operations, admin, financials, team, or your mindset.

Then I'll go as detailed as you need on the tactics and the how-to steps, while providing an extra pair of eyes and sounding board along the way.


Ready to hit your business goals, whether profits or otherwise?

Book a call with me below and let's talk about hitting your goals, and overcoming those challenges, faster than you thought possible.

"Ben really helped me identify the areas of my business that I needed to focus on in a way that was methodical, efficient, and fast. I quickly understood where I should be focusing and how to fix the revenue problems I was having. I would absolutely recommend Ben for my friends and peers!"

Jason Long
JH Media Group

“As a creative, I’ve never been enthralled by accounting but as a business owner, I knew I needed to understand my numbers better. One thing I really appreciated was Ben's non-judgemental and friendly attitude. He helped me see where I was going wrong and together we built a solid roadmap for growth."
Larissa Pickens
Founder & Creative Director
Float Design

“Being a co-founder with no formal business training has been challenging. Ben looked at the whole picture and was able to figure out how my business worked to give me genuine advice that would benefit it long term. I feel very lucky to have Ben as a resource. He is very knowledgeable and really easy to talk to, which makes our strategy sessions super enjoyable.”
Madeleine Taylor
Content Refined

"I reached out to Ben for clarity on how to take my business to the next level and walked away not only with a clearer idea of my options, but also a concrete plan to make those options happen. He showed me exactly what I need to reach my income goal by doing the math in a way I hadn't thought of and by the end of our call, I had concrete steps to take in the next weeks and months. He gave me what I needed to stop wondering about, and start working on the future of my business. I highly recommend working with Ben."

Sofie Couwenbergh
Let Me Write That Down For You

2021 04 20 Daryl Mander FB post

"I did a session with Ben and got a lot out of it. It was a mixture of him noticing simple, stupid things I should have noticed months ago, and also a fair amount of higher level strategy discussion that made me notice areas of the business that are doing well and should have me paying more attention to.

For example, we had a service that was super profitable and regularly sold out, but we were focused on our other services until Ben pointed out that this is something we should double-down on.

He also pointed out that our bookkeeper was billing more hours than it was physically possible to work!"

Dominic Wells
Human Proof Designs