Workshop: Get up to speed on the key numbers in your financials

Without falling asleep or turning into an accountant

(First 5 to register for this workshop get a financials check-up 1:1 with Ben)

What we'll cover:

  • How to get the numbers together, as quickly and painlessly as possible, without doing it yourself
  • Know your key numbers, without jargon or becoming an accountant. No more worrying about what you don’t know, no more missing warning signs and opportunities.
  • Set up the simple monthly rhythm that keeps your business profitable and growing (using the $160k/year profit questions)

This is a workshop, not a presentation. I'll guide you through the simple steps live.

Choose your preferred time:

First session: Tuesday September 19th at 5pm New York and 2pm Los Angeles (Wednesday the 20th at 7 am Sydney Time )

Second session: Thursday September 21st at 5pm New York and 2pm Los Angeles (Friday the 22nd at 7 am Sydney Time)


Hi, I'm Ben McAdam, the presenter

I'm a Profits Coach, Virtual CFO, entrepreneur, investor, presenter and podcast host.

I've helped over 1,000 business owners around the world achieve more growth, more profits and more clarity around their numbers, without judgement or confusing jargon.

Looking forward to helping you in the workshop!

“From in the red to $100k profit last year."

Jeremy & Sadie Roberts

J Anonymous

"What I appreciated most about Ben's workshop was the clarity and simplicity of his approach. He was able to break down business concepts into easy-to-understand steps that anyone could follow. His insights were practical, actionable, and immediately applicable to my own business.

Ben's passion for entrepreneurship and his genuine desire to help others succeed were evident throughout the entire workshop. He thoughtfully answered questions, provided feedback, and offered guidance based on his own experiences.

Overall, I would highly recommend Ben McAdam to anyone looking to take their business to the next level. I am confident that his workshop would be a game-changer for anyone who has the opportunity to work with him. Thank you, Ben, for an excellent workshop!"

 - Kaylah, Community Manager for Data Driven after a workshop for their members and audience