Goals set. Now what?

Let's build a concrete picture and a plan to get there

You've thought about your goals for the year. Like we're "supposed to", right?

Now let's get some practical value from those goals.

In this free, no-pitch, workshop, we'll walk through how to turn those goals into a concrete picture of what your business will be like when you achieve your goals AND an achievable plan to get there.


What's the cost? Will you pitch me?

This workshop is based on my Roadmap service, which clients normally pay over USD$1500 to go through 1-on-1 with me, but I'd like to help you for free.

There's no pitch and nothing to buy or sign up for.

I've found that if I help entrepreneurs for free, some of them will reach out to talk about working together.


When is it, and how does it work?

I'll record the workshop with live attendees at 10am Tuesday 15th January Sydney AEDT time.

That's 6pm Monday 14th January New York time.

To participate, first fill out the form below, and then you'll get an email with the details of how to login to the Zoom room.

After the workshop is done, I'll send another email asking for feedback, including access to watch the recording for a few days.


Great, sign me up!

Take a moment to fill out the form below, then check for an email (which could possibly go to spam):


Workshop signup

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I have more questions

No problem! Get in touch.


Hope to see you there!


Ben McAdam

Virtual CFO and Profits Coach